This Robert Murray M'cheyne website resource has evolved over the years to its present format. The resource was originally available onlne in 1997 and remained in its original format until 2010. From late 2010 a new website was developed and the website was finally given its own domain name.

The original website was developed and maintained by David Haslam. David lives in Bramhall, Cheshire, UK and is a Chartered Electrical Engineer. In September 2009, he retired after working for just over 36 years in the semiconductor industry. He is serving Christ as the Go Bible project leader for CrossWire Bible Society.. David is an Evangelical Christian with an ongoing interest in Theology. He has a special interest in the early 19th century Scottish preacher Robert Murray M'Cheyne.
The new web development was undertaken by Andy in late 2010. Andy lives in Surrey, UK and works in I.T. Having been a Christian since 1992, he has had an interest in M'Cheyne for many years and regularly preaches the gospel in and around Surrey and London.